There’s Snow Place Like Home – February 2021

There’s Snow Place Like Home – February 2021

Do You Know?

Do you know a family who is struggling to pay their bills each month and may be facing eviction? Do you know a family who, although the parents may be employed, cannot find affordable housing, or they have found housing but need help with the security deposit or first month’s rent? Do you know that Family Promise of Beaufort County has a Get on Track (Diversion and Prevention) Program that addresses these very issues? 

COVID-19 has affected everyone in some fashion, but imagine the possibility of losing your home through no fault of your own! Our Get on Track Program addresses the issue of homelessness by preventing families from being evicted. Our Case Manager works with the families to address the underlying issues, help create and live within a budget, navigate community resources based on their specific needs (as no two families are the same), and provide rental assistance on a short-term basis to prevent the family from becoming homeless.

Since the inception of the Get on Track (Diversion and Prevention) Program in mid-2019, we have assisted 29 families comprised of 92 individuals (64%, of which, were children). Without our support, these families may have been evicted and been in need of our Shelter Program!

We are happy to report that 100% of these families remain safely housed!

We are always in need of Food Lion gift cards, in small denominations, for the families in our Shelter Program!  You can drop them off between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday ~ Friday.  For your protection, and ours, please remember to wear your mask!

Stay safe and well and be kind to each other!   

Ever grateful, your friends at Family Promise of Beaufort County.