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Staying on Track – Provides Stabilization

Once the parent(s) has met the following criteria, they are invited to participate in the Staying on Track stabilization program:

  • maintained full time employment;
  • adhered to the guidelines of the Shelter Program;
  • saved adequate funds, and
  • affordable housing has been located.

This program provides ongoing case management support, including in-home visits to discuss any issues the family may be experiencing.   

Continued Life Skills programs are provided, as are referrals to other community programs and resources.

If the parent(s) commits to the Staying on Track program, financial support towards the security deposit, rent, utility connection, and moving expenses is provided. 

This program is designed to allow Family Promise of Beaufort County to assist our graduated families in their journey home by providing continued support, basic household items, back to school items and furniture.  The support typically lasts for one year.