Summer Scoop – August 2020

Summer Scoop – August 2020

It has been NINE weeks since we reopened our doors to families experiencing homelessness and we now have a full house of SIX families.  Aside from our family of 7 and family of 2, who joined us on June 2 and July 8 respectively, we now have 4 more families bringing the total # of guests to 21.  The downside of having our families stay in a hotel is the obvious unplanned expense and lack of interaction with our wonderful volunteers, but on a positive note, we have some flexibility with the number of families we can assist at one time.  We promise to provide periodic updates and pictures, when given approval, on how everyone is doing and updates on their progress as they begin their transition into their own homes.  

We are also continuing to provide rental assistance to those whose livelihood has been adversely effected by COVID-19.  Some have lost their jobs, while others have had their hours temporarily reduced therefore effecting their ability to pay their rent.  Our goal is to assure these families remain housed and do not end up in our Shelter Program.

It is gratifying to be able to support families who are experiencing a traumatic time in their lives and we could not do it without friends like you!  

If you or your friends would like to help one of these SIX families, we are still in need of gift cards in small denominations from Walmart and Food Lion.   

You can drop them off between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm., Monday ~ Friday.

Take care of yourselves and those around you!

Thanks from your friends at Family Promise Beaufort County.