HopeFall Happenings – November 2020

HopeFall Happenings – November 2020

We are happy to share that another family has recently graduated from our Shelter Program and will be enjoying the holidays in their own apartment.  Mom is working full time and participating in our Staying on Track Program. Congratulations!  We are excited for this sweet family.

Additionally, on October 31, we welcomed a family of five into our Shelter Program.  Mom has just started a new job and thankfully, the four boys did not have to change schools. Welcome and we are glad to have you with us!

Family Promise of Beaufort County remains ready to help homeless families with children find their way home and to assist those who are at risk of losing their homes by providing short-term rental assistance.  We also provide guidance for those who need assistance in locating affordable housing.  If you know a family who may be experiencing housing insecurities, please suggest they give us a call at (843) 815-4211.  We are willing and able to help!

For those considering donating to Family Promise in 2020, a huge virtual hug.  We cannot predict what next year holds, but we need to remain poised to help our neighbors in need and cannot do this without you!   

As a special note:

This year because of the Covid-19 emergency, the federal government approved legislation called the Cares Act. This means that a charitable deduction is unlimited for your 2020 tax returns. If you don’t itemize, you can take up to a $300 deduction for cash gifts to public charities.  

Also, remember Food Lion gift cards, in small denominations, are always welcome!  You can drop them off between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday ~ Friday.  Please remember to wear your mask!

Stay safe and well and be kind to each other!   

Ever grateful, your friends at Family Promise Beaufort County.